We sleep in them, we glass from them, we look to them to feed our phones with juice to keep us in touch with our loved ones. They act as our home base and lifeline to civilization during deer season. Our hunting truck. Some of us have our daily driver that crosses as our hunting truck and some of us have that 1980 Bronco that we bought off craigslist. We would make it our daily driver if our co-workers wouldn’t think we lived in it down by the river. But anyways, back to the point. We want you to be successful this year and have everything you need to make sure that happens.


hunting truckNow although this may seem like a dumb idea right before you head out into the woods with your hunting buddies, who love those gas station breakfast burritos and the wrappers and salsa that come with them. But, this will get you off to a good start. It will help to reduce clutter which could later cause you to miss something in your preparation. Clean out all things that have nothing to do with your hunting trip, yes that means that work cooler you take lunch in and that jacket you wear when it rains… they will just be in the way later.  Just look at the floor board before and tell me your couldn’t lose those important trailer keys under that jerky rapper……..


tonneau cover hunting

Tonneau covers are a great addition to your truck for any hunting trip. These practical accessories protect the truck bed from extreme weather, road conditions, and theft. You can use these flexible covers to shield your hunting supplies, toolboxes, and other trip essentials. Based on your style and needs, there are a variety of types of tonneau covers, including, hard covers, folding covers and many more.


undercover flex

undercover flexhttp://undercoversportsman.com/undercover-tonneau/undercover-flex/


undercover classic

UnderCover Classic



undercover lux

undercover lux



truck bed protection

There are many reasons why this one made the list. Truck beds can be hard and rigid. There are products that not only protect your bed from the elements and from scratching. But they also act as a barrier from your truck bed and your expensive hunting gear like Guns, Bows, Binos etc.  If you took our advice and bought a Tonneau cover to protect that gear, you now have it all sitting protected and secured out of site in your truck bed. That means when your driving around, you want these items to be sitting on a soft surface. When we think of truck bed protection. Only one product come to mind. BedRug. They make two options for Sportsman, the BedRug and Bed Tread.

bed rug

This is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner there is. You get the look and comfort of carpet, in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product. That means not only will it protect your truck bed from impact dings and damage, it will stand up to the most harsh conditions you can throw at it: from gravel to battery acid, while still protecting your precious cargo and your knees!

  • bedrugRugged Construction Handles Heavy Cargo

  • Bleach, Oil Even Battery Acid Washes Off

  • Comfortable Knee Friendly ¾” Cushioned Floor

  • Anti-Skid Surface Prevents Cargo From Shifting

  • Engineered for Exterior Use

  • Stain & UV Resistant

  • Easily Cleaned With Just Water

bed tred

If you want a bed liner that won’t damage your truck, isn’t permanent and won’t lower your resale value, BedTred Pro Series is for you. It provides a rugged work surface that is tough enough to withstand dents and dings while protecting your most fragile cargo from sliding around your truck bed.

  • bed tredTPO Composite Surface

  • No Sanding, No Prepping and No Damage Installation

  • Hassle Free Quick & Easy Hook and Loop Install

  • Custom Contoured Fitment for a Snug Tight Finish

  • Heavy Duty ¼” Textured Anti-Skid Surface

  • Thick Foam Layer Provides Superior Dent Protection

  • Cushioned Knee-Friendly Surface

  • Non-Woven Fiber Backing Will Not Scratch Truck Bed

Find out more about BedRug and their products at http://www.bedrug.com/


rigid lighting hunting truck

Now for the Fun Stuff. Off road lights come in handy to prep hunters for a variety of driving conditions. As the name indicates, these lights go a step behind standard driving lights to adjust to off-road environments. You can choose from traditional off-road lights to LED lights depending on your hunting plans. One of the leading companies in the industry for the best lights on the market is, Rigid Industries. They have a variety of options to choose from. Don’t believe me… check this out…


undercover swingcase

UC Swing CaseWe have all sorts of small gadgets and tools that may come in handy during a hunting season. The problem is, they usually roll around in the truck bed the entire season awaiting their 5 minutes of usage only to go back into the truck bed to clank around some more. Well, there is a solution. The UnderCover SwingCase. Check it out. http://undercoversportsman.com/undercover-tonneau/undercover-swing-case/

Made in the USA

Now that you have everything you need to make sure your truck bed is ready to go for Deer Season. We want to wish you good luck in your pursuit. Don’t forget to tag us in your hunting or fishing photos with the Hashtag #THISiswhy to be entered in monthly drawings for UnderCover Products and more.